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Sean L.
(Austin, TX)

Let me just start off by saying that this product is a life changer for all pool owners! The one bad thing about owning a swimming pool has been solved!! People hate maintaining their pool! But look no further. This system has you covered!!! It will track and keep your pool in 100% balance. Amazing product and well worth the wait as they catch up to all the pre orders!!...Here is mine in action!

Randy O.
(Dallas, TX)

Trust me, it's worth the wait!...Please be patient, you won't be disappointed!

Greg L.
(Dallas, TX)

I ordered this little guy in the winter in hopes that it would make my life easier. It came yesterday and it already is!! I love this thing. pHin is making pool management so much simpler and fun. Thank you pHin!

Steve F.
(Lake Forest, CA)

I remain quite pleased with the program and continue to recommend to anyone with a pool.

Joe H.
(Round Rock, TX)

I've been really happy with this system...You guys really have a great thing here. No complaints at all. I love the charts.

Matt C.
(New York, NY)

This thing is cool. Works great. Took about a day and a half but turned the pool around to what is in the pic.

Keith B.
(San Diego, CA)

As for now, I can say it seems like it's quality built and very nicely packaged, extremely easy to connect to my wifi. Took about 10 minutes total to dig through everything and follow the app and it's going.

Erik L.
(Keller, TX)

As a new homeowner and first time caring for a pool, pHin has been a lifesaver! I just drop in the chemicals it tells me to and usually  get a notification my pool is balanced within the hour.

Aaron S.
(Scottsdale, AZ)

Also, I’m a big fan of the service thus far – loving the app and looking forward to additional updates. The pool really looks great!

Alex R.
(San Jose, CA)

First off, very impressed with pHin support so far. So many tech products out in the market right now with little to no support. I have many products and the ones that work best have the best support.

Matt S.
(Scottsdale, AZ)

For what it's worth - my pool has never looked better.

William E.
(Miami, FL)

Although I loved the idea of pHin I was really skeptical that it would actually work and make my life easier. After almost a month of having pHin in my pool it has never looked better for this period of time during the summer months when we use it the most. I was amazed that about two weeks after starting the program a box arrived with replenishment chemicals all on its own without having to ask for them. You really have a great product and I'm proud to be one of the first to have one.



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